Cloud Mining

What is Cloud Mining?

Generally speaking, every transaction in the Bitcoin Network (or that of other Blockchain Tokens) is verified and confirmed by miners. For this verification process, each miner in the network gets rewarded. Since hardware is expensive and electricity consumption is high while the difficulty of mining bitcoin is increasing, a number of Cloud Mining Companies have emerged that enable you to buy shares of mining power from them in the cloud, which can then be pointed to a mining pool of your choice. This can minimize costs drastically compared to mining with private hardware. We have reviewed the leading cloud mining companies to provide you with an overview to help you find the right mining operator for you.

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Cloud Mining Companies

Compare and review the best Cloud Mining Companies and monitor their performance based on our testserver data:

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.41%
Time to ROI: 240 Days

Start Mining with BitClub

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.33%
Time to ROI: 300 Days

Start Mining with Omnia

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.3%
Time to ROI: 330 Days

Start Mining with Hashflare

Questions about Cloud Mining?

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