Bitclub Network Cloud Mining

Bitclub Network is one of the biggest cloud mining providers and operating since 2014. It is growing rapidly ever since, because it is based on a crowdfunding approach, with most of its hardware mining equipment (hashing power) located in Iceland.

Bitclub Network Mining


Operating since: 2014
Minimal invest: 599$
Top 10 Operator: Yes
Reinvest possible: Yes
Cashout everyday: Yes
Bitcoin Wallet: Link
Mining: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero, ZCash

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.41%
Time to ROI: 240 Days

Start Mining with BitClub


Bitclub Network has one of the biggest mining facilities worldwide as can be seen in the chart ( The graphic changes every day, as every pool is adding more hashpower to their facilities. It is important to know, that this graphic is created directly from the data based on the bitcoin blockchain and therefore can’t be faked.

It is operating since 2014 and is growing rapidly ever since. It is based on a crowdfunding approach rather than having few people with large amounts of money. Most of the hashing power is located in Iceland, where energy is green and cheap. Currently there are around 350 PH (petahash) plugged into the network ( This number is continuously increasing.

Investment Opportunities

Bitcoin Mining Pools

Each Member of BitclubNetwork needs to pay 99$ as one time membership fee. Once this is paid you can choose between different pools to mine cryotocurrency:  

(Picture: BitClub Network – Bitcoin Mining Pools)

This pools will mine Bitcoins for at least 1000 days. The Founder Pool offers a share of all three pools together with special bonuses. The cheapest pool for 500 dollar is a good starting point if you just want to checkout mining and keep the budget small. To get the best value for the price, we recommend the Founder pool, which includes all three bitcoin mining pools together with some specials like ‘ClubCoins’. The Founder pool will get you roughly the bitcoin price divided by 10 per month. Assuming that the price is around 5000 Dollar, you would get around 500 Dollar per month. In other words with the current bitcoin price you will need around seven months until you get your invested money back, but the pool will earn money for you for three years.


GPU Mining Pools

If you are interested in GPU mining (Ethereum and other Altcoins) there are two GPU Pools, for $1000 and $5000 respectively:



Reinvest (Re-purchase)

BitclubNetwork offers the opportunity to reinvest a percentage of your bitcoin mining earnings. This is not required but makes a lot of sense, because of the increasing difficulty ( If you don’t reinvest some parts of your mining earnings, it will automatically lead to a constant decrease in the total amount of cryptocurrency mined with any mining company. BitClub Network has therefore implemented a nice feature, to battle this outcome. Assuming that you want an increasing income from your mining earnings we recommend to reinvest at least 40% of your income. This can be set to any number
between zero and 100%.