Hashflare Cloud Mining

Hashflare has been around since 2013 and offers different contracts to get involved. The company’s mission is to make cloud mining available for everyone and they mean it. The cheapest contract start from 1,50$ for 10 GH/s.



Operating since: 2013
Minimal invest: 1.50$
Top 10 Operator: No
Reinvest possible: Yes
Cashout everyday: Yes
Bitcoin Wallet:
Mining: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.3%
Time to ROI: 330 Days

Start Mining with Hashflare


Hashflare itself is not a mining pool, but provides hardware, which can be plugged into another network, like the f2 pool or BW.com. On the dashboard you get to choose which pool you want to join. This has the advantage, that you can change the pools and currencies you are mining constantly. Since the performance of the available pools vary and can’t be forecasted well, you should check if it makes sense to switch pools from time to time.

Investment Opportunities

Hashflare Bitcoin and GPU Mining Pools

If you want to invest in Cloud Mining with Hashflare, you are free to choose which algorithm you want to use for mining and which pool you want to connect. Each algorithm will mine a particular coin for you. If you like the technical details around mining and want to optimize potential profits, then Hashflare might be a good option. You can choose between the following algorithms for mining:

SHA-256 – used to mine Bitcoins

Scrypt – used to mine Litecoins

ETHASH – used to mine Ethereum

X11 – used to mine Dash

Equihash – used to mine ZCash

At Hashflare you decide how much hashpower you want to buy rather than just buying shares.

Hashflare.io contracts run from lifetime to one year. If you want to make profit we recommend to mine Bitcoin or Litecoin at Hashflare, because our estimations for the ROI of the other coins is greater than one year. This does not necessarily mean it won’t be profitable, because the price can always jump up and then mining gets more profitable since you are paid in the currency you are mining. However, we can only do recommendations based on what we know now.

Reinvest (Re-purchase) your earnings

Hasflare.io offers the opportunity to reinvest a percentage of your bitcoin mining earnings. Because of the increasing difficulty (https://blockchain.info/charts/difficulty), if you don not reinvest a part of your mining earnings, the total amount of cryptocurrency mined will decrease over time. Assuming that you want an increasing income from your mining earnings, you should reinvest a part of your passive income.