Omnia Tech Cloud Mining

This operator just started mid of 2017 and has already gained a lot of interest. Mainly because of their lifetime contracts which are based on reinvesting parts of the mining earnings as well as switching to the most profitable coin automatically.



Operating since: 2017
Minimal invest: 100$
Top 10 Operator: No
Reinvest possible: Yes
Cashout everyday: Yes
Bitcoin Wallet:
Mining: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, ZCash

Mining Status: Paying ✓
Daily Income: 0.33%
Time to ROI: 300 Days

Start Mining with Omnia


Omnia-tech has a well known partner for their hardware. Genesis mining provides the complete maintenance, including buying, allocating and running the hardware for Omnia-tech. Therefore Omnia-tech is trustworthy, since Genesis mining has been around for more than three years and has proven their existence to several authorities. Their facilities are located in Iceland, where the electricity is cheap and green. This alliance and the lifetime contracts are the reasons why we see Omnia-tech as good choice for cloud mining.

Investment Opportunities

Omnia Tech Bitcoin and GPU Mining Pools

Omnia-tech offers lifetime mining contracts for different coins. Those contracts will be valid until they are not profitable anymore. In that case you can reassign the hashing power to a more profitable coin or let Omnia-tech do that for you automatically. A fraction of your mining earning will be automatically reinvested to keep up with the rising difficulty.

Currently there are five coins available for mining. For each of the coins you can choose between different packages:

The price per package is always the same. The Kickstarter package will always cost 500$, no matter which coin you want to mine. The difference can be seen in the hashing power. For bitcoin there is very specific hardware available, which has a great hashrate compared to their power consumption. Ethereum is mined on normal graphic cards. This leads to the fact, that you get a greater amount of hashpower for a bitcoin Kickstarter package compared to a Kickstarted Ethereum package.

Reinvest (Re-purchase) your earnings

Also Omnia Tech has the option to reinvest a percentage of your mining earnings. Because of the increasing difficulty (, if you do not reinvest a part of your mining earnings, the total amount of cryptocurrency mined in the long-term. Assuming that you want an increasing income from your mining earnings, you should think abput reinvesting a part of your mining income.