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Many in the digital currency community see regulation as a bad thing, but are actually some benefits.

The European Parliament has issued a report on odometer tampering which suggests that blockchain technology could be an effective means of combating the practice.

Consortium of 27 banks aim to develop Blockchain solutions for the banking industry in India, State Bank of India begins pilot test.

Wealth managers are being inundated with calls about Bitcoin, according to a recent report, and most are saying that owning some is a good idea.

After all the FUD and insanity, JP Morgan is considering adding Bitcoin futures trading to their platform.

Bitcoin has shrugged off all bad news this year, including the recent hack of Tether. Price could soar past the $10,000 mark by year end, says billionaire.

Making ICOs compliant while delivering on their disruptive promise may be a harder needle to thread than the SAFT plan anticipates, a new paper says.

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi reiterated his view that cryptocurrencies are too small to regulate on Monday.

Ben Lawsky, the former New York Superintendent of Financial Services who spearheaded the BitLicense regulatory framework while in office, has joined startup Ripple’s board of directors.

Moroccan authorities are among the latest to provide details on how they will regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies.