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Every question asked about new types of hedge funds and how they differ from conventional ones.

Japan’s GMO Internet is launching a new bitcoin mine in Europe, months after it launched a cryptocurrency exchange.

Could the same mechanisms used in the Lightning Network have the unintended benefit of also decentralizing mining?

Stellar’s grant program will dish out up to $2 mln to ‘selected’ users in Lumens tokens.

On tonight’s episode, Cody Wilson joins us to discuss Defense Distributed’s employees’ trip to the Texas coast while he is being filmed live by a Spike TV crew, live on our show. Harlan Dietrich also joins us to discuss his journey to the coast in the Dash boat. Harlan’s friend, Daniel Abramson, also joins us to discuss ICO’s and the economic and political implications of them.

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Professor Robert Jackson from Columbia Law School has been appointed by President Donald Trump to be the SEC Commissioner, replacing last Democrat on Commission

The US Federal Reserve hinted in a report this week that it might look to integrate distributed ledger tech in the future.

The creation of multi-crypto/fiat cards enable users to interchange between the given set of currencies in an almost seamless manner, possibly eliminating the need for retail banks