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Many in the digital currency community see regulation as a bad thing, but are actually some benefits.

Consortium of 27 banks aim to develop Blockchain solutions for the banking industry in India, State Bank of India begins pilot test.

Wealth managers are being inundated with calls about Bitcoin, according to a recent report, and most are saying that owning some is a good idea.

After all the FUD and insanity, JP Morgan is considering adding Bitcoin futures trading to their platform.

Bitcoin has shrugged off all bad news this year, including the recent hack of Tether. Price could soar past the $10,000 mark by year end, says billionaire.

Ticketing for events is such a huge market that there is a secondary market that illegally profits off it. Through GUTS tickets, this could come to an end thanks to the Blockchain.

The pace of Bitcoin gains has returned as prices pierce $8,000 and attempt to stay there.

Is Blockchain really suitable for flying or is this just the latest fad?

Doomsday Preppers have started backing Bitcoin if an apocalypse arrives. Are they onto something here?