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The European Parliament has issued a report on odometer tampering which suggests that blockchain technology could be an effective means of combating the practice.

Moroccan authorities are among the latest to provide details on how they will regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, two high-profile executives, Alibaba Group’s Jack Ma and Overstock.com’s Patrick Byrne, have publicly discussed their perspectives on bitcoin and blockchain technology. Ma came off as lukewarm toward the former and optimistic about the latter, while Byrne appears enthusiastic across the board.

On Monday, the president of the European Central Bank shrugged off the implications of digital currency adoption, continuing the institution’s blasé public attitude toward increasingly popular non-fiat cryptocurrencies.

Another phishing site has emerged impersonating the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

Tether’s treasury wallet was robbed of over $30 million worth of tokens.

Several major financial institutions, including Citi, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, took part in a pilot that successfully tested a blockchain-based equity swap management system.

Russia’s Minister of Communications and Mass Media has stated that while the Russian government is interested in some blockchain technology use cases, it will not recognize bitcoin “as a legal entity.”

Confido holders and other members of the cryptocurrency community are closely monitoring developments after an announcement regarding apparent legal problems on November 20 and the deletion of company social media accounts.

The Australian government, in conjunction with other partners, will help fund an AU$8 million dollar blockchain project aimed at creating energy-efficient “smart city” infrastructures.